Random question yes or no?

Do you ever get scared because your so happy? Because for the first time your happiness is real. That life is amazing. Even when things go wrong, you battle ahead with your head held high and know you can handle it. That the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together in ways you never thought they would. Do you ever get scared and not know why


17 thoughts on “Random question yes or no?

  1. I think we all get scared. We’re worried our happiness may be fleeting or fragile. We want happiness but we CRAVE security. We need certainty. Enjoying our happiness without that safety net can be hard.

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  2. Randomly answering Sir Kelzbelzphotography;
    Anxieties of the unknown good or bad can tip a ship over aye matye and u might even sink the molly and their is abvailable counsel n medications just keep on keepin on kelzbelz n if it matters we will put u on the prayer warriors list for prayer to lift this evil banter of sorts.
    May God shine his face down in your world and lift your camera bug to the heights it deserves.
    General BT Hope pastor/creator
    of the hobounivercity.com

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  3. Yes, it feels like things have been going wrong for so long that suddenly when you are happy you do not want to believe it because in your mind you are expecting things to go wrong again

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  4. Yes…we all hate it, but you deserve the goodness niw…enough with the struggles of before…this is now. Trust your growth and healing, you Sailor and your love for each other! It is time to bask in the glow!


  5. I strongly believe that it happens to people who have had a number of life experiences that has affected them in the past. They want to embrace new positive life occurrences but at the same time they wonder how long it’s going to last or if its going to shatter in to tiny pieces at some point in the close future. I know it’s difficult because I struggle with it myself but life is too short for analysing every single positive thing. Embrace it and love every single minute of it kicking bad thoughts in the bum 😉😉😉


  6. Scared? More like freaking terrified! I live in a constant state of madness, because I always think something is going to break and things will be ruined. I’m paranoid like that.


  7. Yes! So hard to break the pattern of expecting the bottom to drop out when that is what you are used to. Even in bliss waiting and waiting for something to go wrong, and then knowing it is just something going wrong, not the bottom falling out.

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  8. I’ve felt this way before and thought there was something wrong with me. My husband told me I just don’t know how to be happy. I know exactly how you feel. I was just waiting for my world to come crashing down.


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