Changing to my married name

What a mission!!! I finally received our marriage certificate in the mail so like a excited two year old raced into town to apply to renew my drivers licence under my married name. It feels like an end of an era and the being of a new one. I’ve written a list and will begin the long process of ringing and visiting all that need my new details. I have two children that carry my birth name. My son didn’t want me to change it but accepted it. I feel happy to be taking my husbands name. But at the same time little sad to not carry the same name as my children. I think its going to take some adjusting. But luckily my children are very accepting, and know just because we no longer carrying the same name, it doesn’t take away that I’m their mama. My past doesn’t change and I’m still the same person


4 thoughts on “Changing to my married name

  1. Out of your past, rose this person who has earned the right to choose one or the other. Children aren’t given enough credit. They are adaptable and fast to forgive. Different names, same person; just be happy. Blessings, Lydia


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