On a more positive note after my last post

I’ve finally managed to ring  visit all the places I needed to change from my birth name to my married name. Just waiting on my drivers license and bank cards to arrive in the mail. And a few forms to arrive so I can sign them and send them back. I find it odd seeing my new name lol or signing it. I got really confused with what name to use or sign lol. But all sorted now 🙂 and I’m slowly getting use to having a different name from my children. Its a good feeling knowing they’ve accepted it so quickly.

My son also came home with a maths test results. He’d received a merit+ which is one mark off the top which is excellence. He’s also planted all his potatos for his new business venture (he’s a 13 year old computer geek, so yard word is a big thing for him)

My girl has made us proud by completing her reading recovery as at the level she should be for her age. And we went to a mum and daughters workshop at the local hardware store where she built her own wooden planter box and we’re ready to plant her microgreens. She’s also replanted 25 strawberry plants to start her business. A 7 she’s fought hard to stand up to her bullies at school, worked hard to improve all her school work and is motivated to start a business and try new things.

And last but not least my awesome.hubby has enrolled to complete his next level of horticulture diploma.

I’m bursting with pride from all they are achieving


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