Getting creative in the kitchen

With starting our veggie garden and getting chickens. We starting trading for other fresh produce. So far we’ve received a huge range of produce and fruit. He’s some of what we’ve received





Plus a heap of feijoas and walnuts.and rhubarb. The bulk of the walnuts have been shelled and frozen. I decided I need to get creative so

Made the kids a rainbow dinner


And made a heap of preserves. My  favourite that my Nana and mum use to make rhubarb relish. For the first time made mixed berry jam and feijoa jam. The berry was perfect, the feijoa was a bit to thick but the flavour is unbelievable. I made beetroot chutney and feijoa chutney. Next time I won’t have the fejoas so coarse.


Can’t wait for the beetroot to be ready do make more


Also made and froze roast pumpkin soup.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to collect more feijoas. So looking forward to making more jams n relish, lots of fejoas baking. Also got to make the most of the walnuts and what better way then with Afghan bikkies. Plus to make the most of the lemons and limes I’m making lemon honey/curd and old fashion lemonade syrup for a treat for the kids. Plus more pumpkin soup and a potato, leek and bacon soup.

So wifey and domesticated


3 thoughts on “Getting creative in the kitchen

  1. Looks so yummy… Oh rhubarb pie oh so yummy have you made one yet???…
    I just want to say how proud that I am of you and how far you have come …Almost like a total different person from the first time I met you on here..keep it up proud of you …
    Our garden will be a small one this year since one of our friends went way over board with his so we will be getting (I hope a good selection from him) and we really didn’t have the money but the biggest problem is dad is not up to his garden this year he just had a triple bypass and other issues …But you can bet next year when we are at our home that we will have a nice garden ..I love getting out with dad where it is just him and I and he teaches me so many great things about the garden and veggies …
    Anyways keep it up gurl I love this new you …


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