Can’t sleep so here’s a few photos I’d like to share

Over a week ago I started experiencing pain in my back, at times spreading to down my leg, numbness and pins n needles. I started with my hot baths, relaxing, extra magnesium supplements etc but nothing helped. My hubby (bless him) has studied in massage, (another reason I married him) so has been regularly trying to help ease my pain. But tonight the pains really bad so I’m wide awake. Since I’ve not shared any for a while. I thought it was about time I shares some photos. Hope you like





13 thoughts on “Can’t sleep so here’s a few photos I’d like to share

  1. Hope that you have found some relief by now…
    That back nerve pain is Pain for sure..maybe some ice or heat??..what about stretching ???
    Hang in there hun.. and wishing you the best


  2. 1. Gorgeous pictures. You are a real artist. 2. Numbness and pins and needles CAN (not practicing medicine here) indicate some kind of pressure on a nerve. Medical attention might be good, and some stretches can make some conditions worse (example, spinal flexion, forward bending, with a herniated disk.) Be careful. I like to self-treat pains and injuries as much possible, but once in a while the doc is necessary.


  3. Hi. I’m praying for you right now. Believing that there is healing for you in this moment. I’ve seen many backs getting healed supernaturallly by the power of Jesus Christ, and if you dare to believe it for yourself right now, it’s yours.


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