Damn it

So about 3 or so weeks ago I noticed pain in my lower back on one side, twinges came and went. Started doing stretches etc. Hubbies done training in massage and sports. So helped me. Me being me avoided doctors and still do housework etch. The pain got worse then after a week n a half felt like it was slowly coming right. Then bamn I started getting pains shooting through my leg and the pain worsened. Still trying to suck it up. Then over the past week I’ve had a mix between numbness and pins n needles through my leg n foot. Everyone’s been saying your backs out or its a something pinched nerve. And now sadly I think people have been right. So tomorrow I’ll book in with the doctor. Can’t handle the limping, pain etc, I nearly fell on our stairs today cause of it. So now hopefully doc can fix it quick. I’m job hunting, its hard enough with no qualifications, and being only a part time worker over the years being a full time mama for 13 years, without adding a acc back injury. We need the money and I need to work. I need to be able to take care of my home, children and to be a good wife. Feeling pretty stuck to be honest. Get a job and then head to the docs, go to the docs and risk not being able to get a job. In nz being under acc for something that could prevent me from working at full compacy  will look really bad. I wish I could use my strengths I’ve gained over the years, online selling, running my successful blog etc but sadly its not something that I can include as I have no real proof argh frustrating


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  2. Really hoping things work out for you. A year ago I tore a muscle in my knee and that leg is still not right because I reinsured it trying to do too much too soon. So take it easy if you can.


  3. If you’ve been running a successful blog and selling online, then there should be proof of your success and you sales. Blogs have stats. There should be some record of your sales through your payment method. See yourself as a product and get out there and sell!

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  4. Please stop putting yourself down saying that you have no qualifications. Let me share what a guest speaker once said at a law school graduation:
    He had graduated from law school, not at the top of his class or even near the top of the class. He took the BAR exam multiple times before finally passing the BAR. He had no experience in law practice; only a diploma.
    As he job hunted, believing no law firm would hire him, and having no experience to put on his resume, one perspective employer told him that he is being hired because of his life experiences.

    As you can see, qualifications come in different packages. As you obviously have access to the Internet, use your favorite search engine to find a Web site about “resumes that get jobs” or something similar. You do have qualifications; you just need to look at the person in the mirror.

    And remember this tidbit of information that was given to me decades ago by a Navy Officer: if you did something once, you have experience in it so include it in your resume.

    Stop dumping on yourself regarding no qualifications. You’re blogging so I assume you can type: that’s a qualification. You’re blogging so you have good communication skills. That’s a qualification. You’re blogging so you have experience in being a “people person”. That’s a qualification. See where I’m going with this … look at the person in the mirror and write a resumè. Practice interviewing skills. Search the Internet for the most commonly asked questions during an interview. Some include: what are your strengths (some of them I listed above and I don’t even know you); what are your weaknesses (this is a tricky interview question: be prepared with one weakness, describe it briefly, and share how you plan to make that weakness a strength. Never answer a question ending on a negative note — turn everything into a positive). Why are you applying for a job with this company? (Do your homework. Resesrch the places that you put in an application at and from that resesrch, share with the interviewer why you want to work there). Do you have any questions? (This is another tricky question; NEVER — yes, never is an absolute — say “no” to this question; have at least one (or even two questions about the job, the company — remember you researched it do think of a question you can ask even if you already know the answer from the Internet). ALWAYS (yes, this is another absolute) send a thank you letter to the person(s) who interviewed you. The thank you letter is an exceptional strategy to serve as a reminder to them about you (you can get ideas and examples of after interview thank you letters from the Internet but remember, don’t just copy and paste it from the Internet; use your own words. Use, for example, as the last sentence in the thank you letter something short like “Thank you, again, for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.”

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  5. If you’ve ran a successful blog for yourself and you have done online sales, you might be able to help small businesses with blog content and eCommerce. Feel better though 🙂


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