That feeling

When you know a person is slipping rapidly into depression or a mental health low. And despite having experienced and been around mental health your whole life, you just don’t know how to help the person. When support and love isn’t helping and everything you say to them is either taken the wrong way or said the wrong way. That feeling of being powerless to even make a small difference in the person day. Simply heartbreaking


14 thoughts on “That feeling

  1. Look for someone in common that can get Help. Since whatever You say is wrong. Then ask a Person in common to see if that person can get a Health Professional Involved.

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  2. We know that exactly. Sometimes people feel depressed and they don’t know why. One minute they can be happy and laughing but deep down the feel loss. Sometimes the best thing to say is I’m here and you are loved. And other times, that doesn’t even work. Depression is such a hard devil to figure out. HUGS> XOXO – Bacon’s MOM

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  3. If Mankind had a predator that hunted and fed on them, a common enemy, depression would all but disappear.

    Sometimes, you have to go down in it, to understand the magnitude, of the mountain you must overcome and climb.

    Most often, spontaneous depression is result of knowing, you are not living the way you should be, even if, you don’t know what that is or how you should live.

    It’s easy to be depressed when your a wage slave, punching the time clock, working the grind, day after day; when you know you are more than your circumstances, more than what your bank account statement says. Some people simply cannot handle freedom and liberty because they lack self control.

    What value do we give ourselves, our being, without the validation of measuring and scale?

    When I’m depressed there’s always a reason and root problem that it came from.

    “I am not a number, I am a free man!”

    Life is all about survival and we must fight to live. It is too much to fight to move forward than to be weighted down by people whom don’t care to fight along side the rest of us.

    Depression is surely created out of ourselves being ‘Self Centered’ and/or suffering from ‘Inverted Pride’.

    It’s not about you.

    If a person’s life is that bad we shouldn’t suffer them to live. It’s funny- Not really, that we peddle off theories of ‘Natural Selection’and survival of the fittest while resisting and denying the fundamental principal of life, mother nature and reality.

    Don’t you think that if people died in numbers proportionate with nature depression would almost cease?

    It’s almost, as if people deep down know that they should, already be dead.

    Now if this is ‘Mental Illness’most people aren’t qualified to help and honestly that can be quite dangerous.

    We are Mammals, Mammals live in herds, we need and must be accepted by that herd. IF we are rejected the herd cannot change for those it rejects because the herd knows not what it’s dealing with.

    Those Mammals rejected by the herd must be the ones that change for the herd and that’s how life is, the paradigm and reality we currently find ourselves.

    Hope in God’s mercy because Mother Nature has none.


  4. As a person who suffers from depression, the best advice I can give you is to not try to solve the issue. Just be present!!! My sister and husband try to talk me through those times and it doesn’t work. We feel like we are alone and no one could understand. My sister even offered to get me help. That offended me, so instead she just remains present as does my husband. The little things matter!!! Hanging around, random conversation or watching something funny. Sometimes just them sitting in silence with them helps. Don’t allow the person to get to the point when they push you away totally that can be detrimental. Definitely get help!!!

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  5. I feel for you, I truly do. That feeling of helplessness is a hard pill to swallow. From suffering myself over the years, all I can say is to let them know you are there even when they are pushing everyone away. My thoughts are with you and sending strength to help you get through.


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