I’m not bloody superwomen cut me some slack

After three weeks of pain, stretches, massages, warm baths, rest, sucking it up etc I finally bit the bullet and went to a physiotherapist yesterday. I’ve pinched the sciatic nerve in my back, which is causing the limp, pain, aching, numbness and pins n needles in my legs and foot.

He did the stretches then applied heat. Made it all worse. Now I feel screwed. People are hassling me to get it fixed. And believe me I want to I don’t want to live in pain. But here’s were people aren’t listening. At $12 a session 3 x a week we can’t afford it. Our income has just dropped by $150 a week. I’ve already stooped all spending. Slashed they grocery bill from $140 down to $80. Hardly using the car. Being careful with power. Don’t have HP’s etc. There’s nothing left to cut. I’m trying to sell online etc put flyers for cleaning jobs. Applying for jobs.

I’m sick to death of being accused of doing nothing to help myself with my back. I’m between a rock and a hard place. And am pissed off people can’t see that I’m being real not avoiding. Fuck sakes I’ve had enough I didn’t want nor cause the injury. I’ve tried to make it better. All the while still taking care of my kids, trying to be a good wife and running the home. I’m not bloody super women


33 thoughts on “I’m not bloody superwomen cut me some slack

  1. I sympathize with you. Sciatic pain is one of the worst, as it hits you with every move you make. And it does get worse before it gets better.

    Just ignore the people who are criticizing you — they have no idea. Anyone who can criticize someone who’s in pain is a real jerk. Don’t let their stupidity take you over. Take care of yourself first, because that’s the thing that matters most.

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  2. Gurl I am so sorry to hear that you are having all these problems..
    I also have trouble with the sciatic nerve and wish you well as I send you prayers in all that you do
    Don’t let the others that don’t live in your body dictate how you feel..Only you know how you feel and you feel the pain and doing the best you can..
    Hugggs to you

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  3. My heart and prayers go out to you. I understand your frustration because I too have a bad back. I also know what it is to be broke and not able to pay my bills.
    Now I live in New York City and we have many services and programs for people in financial straits. A safety net. Does your town or city have social services programs. Also in New York the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities provides help especially to women with children. Perhaps you can apply for help at a church or receive government assistance. I hope my words have helped. Cyber hugs for you and the kids. ❤

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  4. I assume you live in the US? Could I suggest a good chiropractor rather than a physio? I’ve had the pain you have and chiropractic fixed it. Chiropractic has also helped with post-Frozen Shoulder treatment and migraine. It’s not a cure-all, but it’s helped me when physio did nothing. I truly hope you can get some real help soon. -hugs-

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  5. oh goodness…that pesky sciatic nerve…ugh!! I can relate all too well. Mine tends to act up. The only thing that helps is to try to rest. I know (mom here too) it’s hard when you’re running from one end to the other trying to keep things going. ((hugs))

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  7. Let your body heal – don’t listen to those who don’t know the kind of pain you’re in! Take it one day at a time – and hopefully it will all figure itself out – meanwhile I’m praying for healing for you 🙂

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  8. Sometimes laying on the floor or bed with a pillow under your knees relieves the pressure in that area (place a tennis ball at the sore area if you can stand it for a little bit while laying down). I too have back problems and visit an Osteopath and yes it’s not cheap. Starting some Pilates/Yoga is also good. Get better soon.


  9. Seems like you are doing a lot, saving money, taking care of the kids, looking for work and all while you’re in pain…are you sure you’re not superwoman? Anyway, I totally understand not having money to take care of medical needs. I am paying off a $900 bill for one doctor’s visit I had because of an eye issue. Anyway, though this might help with some at-home stretching exercises and other info. Hope you feel better. http://www.spine-health.com/wellness/exercise/sciatica-exercises-sciatica-pain-relief


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