Rip our little chicken

Woke this morning our chickens were behaving out of character. Louder then normal. Went out to feed them, seen they’d knocked over part of their chooks pen. Then stood on a nail, went in pretty deep n hurt like heck. So decided to deal with them later.

When my hubby got up told him they were unsettled, and wondered if it was the earthquakes early hours of this morning. Well turns out one off our girls got squashed and died.

Now I know they’re chickens, we brought them for the eggs laying etc. But stupidly we all got attached to the cheeky buggers, didn’t know chickens would be such characters.

This is why I never had pets as an adult and didn’t want them. Sucks just hope it was quick


26 thoughts on “Rip our little chicken

    • aw thanks ruth, My foot took a couple of days to stop hurting but has healed nicely. They’re really unsettled, spooked at the littlest thing the whole dynamic has changed. but they laying an egg each a day and some of them more then one. so they’re getting lots more tlc


  1. Aww, too bad about the earthquake and loss of the chicken. This would be very upsetting, I would imagine. Take it easy and hope nothing out of the ordinary happens for a long time!


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