Im a student again

At 31 I’m finally putting another goal into place. Yesterday I went into our local polytech, two courses in mind. The first a computing course which is free and the second a hospitality cafe services course. Both only level 2 but a start. I left school in 6 form (16years old) @nd went into full time work before becoming a teen mum pregnant at 17. I’ve always wanted to live the student life, but never believed I could do it. So I didn’t. Now facing the need for work ive done it. I have the final paperwork ready to take in in a few hours and I’ll be an enrolled student. And despite fear and being scared I’m so excited. Here’s to a new chapter



18 thoughts on “Im a student again

  1. Congratulations!!!
    I am very proud of you and your decision to return to school. It is never too late to resume your education. Learning is a lifetime experience and you are taking the step to resume your goals.
    Nice job!
    Keep up the excellent work!
    Again, I am proud of you, my dear !!!


  2. Congratulations! As a professor, I find that students like you who have some life experience bring insight and energy to a class, and a level of motivation that the eighteen year olds don’t always have. I love teaching adults. Someone is lucky to get you in his or her class.


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