Married 2 months today

For a women who never wanted nor believes in marriage I’m so happy I did. Hey we’re not perfect nor would I want that. We’ll have our challenges, already faced some already. But I’ve learnt marriage has some how given me more confidence to speak up, not for confrontation but so we have a long happy marriage. I’m feeling a lot more secure. Given my past which was plagued with insecurity and fear its a huge thing. What’s your biggest tip for marriage? What’s that one piece of advice you’d offer to a newly wed? Before we got married I decided I had to things I wanted to do myself. Never got to bed without a kiss and I love you. And to try to keep doing little things so my husband feels appreciated and loved. Weather a simple coffee or a huge gesture.


20 thoughts on “Married 2 months today

  1. Well I have been married to my guy for 37 years this August !!! Woo Hoo me & him. We’ve been together for 40 years ā¤ My advice for a long and healthy relationship is we never forget to laugh. Life is too short to be anything but happy. We hold hands a lot and kiss. Oh and never, never quit !!! Blessings ā¤


  2. Happy 2 month anniversary!
    The best advice I was given was that compromise was another word for marriage. You shouldn’t be expected to change for someone, but you can be malleable. .. both of you, to mould to each other in a way that it makes your life together perfect! šŸ˜Š


  3. Happy Anniversary! As someone that will celebrate 20 years married- my tips are- put Christ first and center and never ever forget what you love and admire about each other and be vocal about it and always remember to share it with each other. Also don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy each moment!


  4. Happy 2-month anniversary
    Remember these facts of life:
    – everyone is an individual
    – individuals need space to be who they are
    – marriage will not always be a bed of roses; you wil have disagreements and the main thing to remember is that it’s ok to agree to disagree
    – a happy wife = a happy life so find happiness within yourself
    ….a married 30-years individual who is married to an individual

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  5. With the things you mentioned in your post and the comments here, you have plenty of a good start! With all that, I think you both have to want it to work. All the best!


  6. One more thing I wanted to mention before I was so rudely interrupted by my spouse of 30- years, insisting that I do my physical therapy because I had shoulder surgery yesterday (now that’s called supporting one another):

    – remember to be there for each other and don’t let anyone bash your happiness. There are a lot of unhappy people out there who want to makes others as unhappy as they are. Don’t share your personal information between you and your spouse with friends and family. Keep your marriage between you and your spouse only.


  7. Congratulations! After 33 years, my advice is to keep the communications lines open, leave your past in the past, always remember your vows and love each other (no matter what!) Many Blessings for a long, happy marriage!


  8. Love this post! Congrats! My husband and I have almost been married a month and I can relate! My husband always wakes me kisses me and tells me goodbye while I am still sleeping. Sometimes I can’t even remember that he did it, but I still find it very sweet. Looking forward to reading your other posts.
    We are new to the blogging world. Stop by sometime šŸ™‚

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  9. Congrats!
    I have been married for 11 years now. Being a newlywed is a wonderful and exciting time! Always keep up the romance, excitement, and fulfill each other’s needs.
    I have some articles on marriage on my blog:

    I wish you and your husband many years together!


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