I think I maybe a little food ocd

Making not eating. Lately I’m trying more and more new things. Meals from scratch, preserves, preparing. I’m inspired again by the $21 food challenge. So need to be prepared. Stocking up on herbs, spices, and all the yummy goodness. I checked a heap of 4 ingredient recipe books from the library, and have so many ideas. Yesterday I had a beef stroganoff bubbling in the crockpot all day and served with fresh homemade pasta. I made many jars of rhubarb relish (a family fav). I made home made bacon and egg and apple and cinnamon pies, grated a heap of cheese to freeze. Today I’m prepped to make my first tomato relish, fresh pasta and ravioli to freeze. And much more. Its worth the time despite being so tired, new flavours and saving money. And keeps me busy while my hubby is away for work again.






5 thoughts on “I think I maybe a little food ocd

  1. Looks amazing gurl!!!
    I am so proud of you with all that you are doing and just the short time I have known you on here I have seen such a strong growth in you…you seem so much stronger and happy


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