Waiting, waiting, waiting

Agh lately I feel like im playing the waiting game. Waiting to get acceptance to start my courses. Waiting to get my appointment to get my CV written. Waiting for my day course to get my full license. Waiting for my husband to return from work. Waiting for an appointment with my landlord which I don’t know what its about. I want action not waiting. Clearly i still have a lot of work to do regarding patience’s.


5 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting, waiting

  1. You are not alone. Life is about waiting, but your waiting should be filled with peaceful assurance and expectation, not anxiety. That is your faith that you have done all you can do and things should go according to plans. Waiting can also be an opportunity to move forward on some long terms goals, explore something new. Thanks for sharing, I’m glad for this opportunity to explore your blog and hopefully make a new connection.


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