Feel the fear and do it anyway

Today has been such a big day, emotionally, and mentally. To be honest I’m so drained. But at the same time I’m feeling really proud and pretty pumped.

Started they day by getting my two kids off to school, cleaned the house, washing, dishes, tidied and checked the gardens, tended to the chickens.

I got a phone call from my mum, we store at lot food in her freezer. And for some reason it stopped working. Instead of freaking out I took a few minutes rung back and we went through and lost nothing. A lot to cooking to be done, but as I told her on the bright side we’ll have plently of meals cooked for went we’re tired.

While waiting for my landlord to arrive I set up two months of daily posts for my Facebook business pages. My landlord still hadn’t arrived so I contacted him, explaining it wasn’t good enough, that I’d changed my plans and in future I’d only meet at the office. There’s been a number of times he’s not shown up, randomly turned up without notice and many issues. I finally stood up for myself, was clear, fair, assertive and direct.  When really well here’s hoping I’ve changed how things will go from now.

Anyways rushing off to town, before my meeting I sorted a few jobs I’d been putting off. Onto my meeting to sort my cv. Ive been tying myself up in knots about job hunting. But this lady really did an amazing job with finding my strengths for it. I can’t wait to get it emailed, its boosted my confidence. We also discussed this blog. For the first time I’ve given it to someone. Considering all I’ve shared I’ve realised it’s ok to share it, its something to be proud of. Years of work, heart and love and sharing my journey.

Finally got home. Checked the mail and bam two letters from my course provider. I was to nervous to open them so made a coffee and rolled a ciggy. Opening them I found I’ve been accepted into both courses. I rush into campus and received my first work books and my student Id!!!! I’m so scared and excited. I just have to remember I can do this.



Then my hubby came home after 5 days away.

Feels good to be so future driven such a change from my past


7 thoughts on “Feel the fear and do it anyway

  1. Gurl!!
    Congrats again on all this..You have grown so much just in the short time I have known you and that has been just a lil over a year ..damn how time flies ..just realized it’s been that long and you were one of my first follower on here..So thank you again for that ..And keep going strong I AM SO PROUD OF YOU…YOU ARE SO STRONG …I HAVE ENJOYED WATCHING YOU GROW AND CONTINUE TO GROW GURL GROW…


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