Silence speaks volumes and it breaks my heart


4 thoughts on “Sadly

  1. My beloveds, WTF are you perceiving in the silence? I am often silent. Not only silent but there are times when my face looks like I am about to cry, but guess what: I am relaxed. As for nature it loves a bit of silence. Take this morning for instance, I looked on the CCTV and saw from last night, that in the silence there was a HUGE hedgehog enjoying life, a young fox trotting about and when I speeded up to get from one part of the recording to another, moths flew close and a slug as long as the width of a brick galloped down the wall. Embrace all the times we assume things, as times we just don’t know, but that in those times are good things too and they are going on in the silence. Blessings of peace wished your ways. Namaste


  2. I have [Liked] your blog post, not because I like the idea of you being sad, but that I am thankful that you shared. I will be more considerate and watch myself in the presence of those that might read into my silence.


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