Supporting one with mental health

Its even harder then I ever thought. I’ve been there on going as many know I have borderline personality disorder. My mama bipolar. An aunt whom committed suicide. Friends and family. But I’ve never been in the position of having someone else’s mental health (maybe wrongly diagnosed) affect me so deeply into my core. To love a person whom may be willing to throw our life away when they’re on a extreme low. How to not take it personally when you feel blamed for everything. Yet you know you can’t and don’t want to give up on them. You don’t know how to get them to understand they’re worth it, that you are 100% committed to them. That they do need support of the mental health team, prob meds and therapy. That I’d do it with them. I’ve proves it before sitting out side waiting to with a ciggy, coffee and a hug n listening ear. I feel blindsided. I’m not blind to the issues we face but I in no way thought it could lead to the end. Others trying whom see the lows and manic highs trying to support us both unable to come up with answers. Searching the net trying to find advice. Telling the person I won’t give up. Accepting my faults and apologised. Yet at the same time waiting for the person to leave. Knowing there’s a real chance by the end of the day my darling will have packed his bags and left me. And I’m powerless to stop him.  Ive sort help from our mental health team today I’ll go in for a last ditch attempted to get him to stay. Because together or apart my darling needs the team knowing, he’s a kind, caring loving man. My love, my best friend, the man I married not 3 months ago. I heard a saying don’t marry the man who you can’t life without, marry the one you can but don’t want to. So I married the man I don’t want to live without out. I married the man who shook my life up to the core. Who I thought would never give up on me. I married the man whom I admire, cherish and love so deeply. Marriage is in good times and bad. I just wish mental health new that to. My darling sailor. Whom I crushed on for a long time, who asked me to marry him, who knew my all, who pulled the wedding forward. Who loves me and I him. I’m not religious but I pray he doesn’t leave me today.


17 thoughts on “Supporting one with mental health

  1. Wow, everything will be ok, staying positive, making new positive connections would help as well. I know that it is not easy but I have found the answer to cure personality disorders without any medications. Jusr real therapy. Todays mental health does not cure anything so its useless. I am focusing on the Mental Health Issues on my blog. I think that there is not enough information for a cure because therapy does not focus on the real problem. I wish you luck with your marriage as I understand your post. My wife suffered from personality disorder as well and I have cured her.


  2. You are a strong, courageous young woman, and I admire your knowledge, acceptance, and unconditional love to your husband. My brother was bipolar and took his own life almost a decade ago. It’s a pain and loss the family never quite gets over because it’s such a senseless death. I send you blessings and compassion for this battle you must fight. I believe by your sincere writings that you are up to the challenge. Do take care of yourself as well as the love of your life.


  3. It’s good you are getting help with this. You’re right there is not much you can do about this situation. I do hope he gets the help he needs. I agree with others, look after yourself too.


  4. Don’t worry Kelly, I know times are harder than ever, but believe me you both can make this work. Good things are in store for you. Hold on, continue with your studies and stuff, and believe that you are enough- with, or without anyone to support you. Let me know when things get better. Till then, know that you are in my prayers

    The Copper Chick


  5. You sound like such an amazing person and your husband and all of your family are so lucky that you are in their lives. You’re definitely here for a reason and that is to help your loved ones fight and stay strong. More people need people like you in their lives, stay strong!


  6. Every single person is meant to be here. I have been where you are, I have attempted to end my life a few too many times. The most important thing I could ever tell you is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Each person is here for a reason and I believe you will find yours soon.


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