Just a quick

Post to thank you for your support I know I’ve not replied to your comments but I will. I’ve read each and everyone of them and truly appreciate them. Firstly while I understand some people have advised me to “leave the arsehole” yip deleted that comment. I’m not going to. My safety is not at risk nor my children’s. Even though some tension is felt by my children. They are not witnessing what’s going on. We both have kept things good around them. And I am not leaving my husband. If he had cancer I’d stick by him, if he had cancer and wasn’t getting treatment I’d stick by him n support him to get medical attention. In my eyes I married my husband knowing he has mental health issues. And I would not give up on him because he is unwell. I know I’m frustrated, hurting, at times angry. I also know I married a good man, whom usually accepts help and seeks it out. Marriage is temporary, disposable even to many. To me old old school married for life. I will stand by my man.


7 thoughts on “Just a quick

  1. Yes.Totally agree. I have been married for 33 years. We have had a lot of ups and downs, but you know what? Life is a roller coaster. With you all the way my awesome friend/photographer. Lotsa luvins for all the familyXO

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  2. He’s been supportive in your hard times. You’re supportive during his hard times. That’s love and commitment. Take care of yourself and your whole family. I hope things get better.

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