Feeling low so using dbt skills

To attempt to pick up my moods. And turn feeling completely useless and worthless into positives things. Back meditating, its challenging but helping, I’m do my diary cards again, use to hate them so I’m shocked I’ve started them by choice. I’m also back in the kitchen. Made so much most I’ll share photos tomorrow. But some I have photos off

My girl who’s 7 is loving healthy foods so trying to be creative and made hummus for the first time, a garlic and a beetroot to go with carrot sticks.



And for dinner whipped up home made fettuccine with basil pesto, cheese n a little chicken. Doesn’t look to flash but was so deli




For a moment I felt like I’d achieved something good, and the distraction was good


3 thoughts on “Feeling low so using dbt skills

  1. Your 7 years old girl love healthy food? Amazing. Because many kids don’t.
    Gladly that all of my kids do eat some veges, not all but the least they eat a lot of broccoli stuff, cauliflowers and a few slices of onions. They love the smell of it, but cannot eat all of it. But the least they tried! LOL

    Now, that looks YUMMY! Love it!


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