Update for those who asked

My husband did end up coming back from work. Picked him up about half an hour ago, he’s gone to bed already. Least he came home. Didn’t think he was going to. Gotta count my blessing. I think its a good thing he went to bed early all the fear and anxiety, relief has come to a head. I barely read what I’m typing through silent tears, my throats burning so much, the moment he closed the door they started. I really do appreciate the support you all are giving me. Stops me feeling so alone in my mind


17 thoughts on “Update for those who asked

  1. We all go through a mental roller coaster, try talking to him and ask him whats on his mind. Sometimes people stay shut for fear of rejection. Always a kiss on the forhead with I love you, everything will be ok is enough.


  2. It is always hard the first part of a marriage but coupling that with mental issues makes it all that harder. Sometimes giving space to allow them to come to terms with what is going on can help. It will come together. There may be other issues he’s afraid of as well other than the mental situation. Just give him the support you can.

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  3. Thank you for your tracking of your journey. We know that we all have troubles and we know that we all have triumphs we just don’t know which exit is the way we will get to our next rest stop. I wish you self, soul and spiritual wellness. Wy

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  4. Thinking about you. You both will get through this. Things at times get worse before they get better. Meanwhile, keep taking photos, which I always love seeing, and doing other things that make you happy:)

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