So excited

I’ve been wanting a food dehydrator for ages and am lucky enough to be borrowing one to try out. Made a heap of gold and green kiwifruit, apple, pear and banana chips for a cheap healthy snack. And just talked to hubby fingers crossed when finances improve we’ll be buying a cheap one. Who here makes stuff like this?





8 thoughts on “So excited

  1. I am well into dehydration of fresh organic produce as well…we dry all sorts of stuff…it helps to address the abundance issue we always have on the farm when everything becomes ripe simultaneously…this year we dehydrated feijoas…YUM!

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    • Sounds awesome especially the feijoas!!! We’re not organic due to where we live but we out no chemicals or sprays at all. Yip that’s why I want to purchase one. Didn’t realise how much could be done in one


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