When I first meet my husband

I was at my worst, I was not long out of hospital after a breakdown, I had no confidence, no self-esteem, I hated myself. I was 3 years into a on-off controlling relationship. The two years we were just friends. He saw me in hard times not judging. I managed after 5 years to get out of the relationship that nearly destroying me. I was stronger, independent, handled my home, life and become a great mum. I was ready for the relationship with my sailor, despite being terrified. Lately I’ve realised I’ve lost some of my independence. Not because of my husband but from the way I’ve chosen to live. So I’m bake creating hard in the kitchen. I’m back at school tomorrow. I’m doing me things. Because whilst I’m a mum and a wife. I’m still a women with individual wants and needs. I have to work on not only our future but my own as a person. I have to have a me plan me goals to be the best me possible. So along side our future family and relationship goals I’m learning to balance my own. I want to be the independent women my husband fell in love with and that my children admired


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