How would you feel?

If your heading home from school and get a call from your child’s angry teaching informing you that she’s sitting in the office 30minites after the bell has gone at the end off the day. When you get hold of the person whom agree to pick child up and they didn’t even realise the time or that its a bloody big deal. You get home and explain your disappointed and angry. And not even an apology.

I’m ropeable, in 13 years as a parent I’ve never picked my kids up late. The few occasions I thought I would be late I rang and explained and was on my way. To lecture others on proiorties and time management and to not say sorry when they stuffed up. Its huge deal for me. I feel my child was let down and myself. My first damn day of school and I was ready feeling bad for not being there. Its a trust thing. Its working out what’s important. Its stepping up when and keeping your word when you agree to something. Its about my child.


12 thoughts on “How would you feel?

  1. Hm. I wouldn’t think it was a big deal, UNLESS the late one had just recently given lectures about priorities etc.

    Honestly, half an hour late isn’t going to kill the kid (in most circumstances). The teachers are going to be irritated, but they’re going to have to get over it – this won’t be the last student still in the office, this year.

    “Let down”?

    That seems a little dramatic. An apology should have been forthcoming immediately, and a damn humble one at that. Someone sounds like he really needs to get his shit together, but you also sound like you’re taking it a little bit more personally than is necessary.


    • True it won’t kill the kid. But also not good enough the child Is 7 and already struggling when major changes. To be forgotten made her feel like crap. I’m struggling to see how I wouldn’t take it personally when its my child and I trusted the person with their care. Its already been explained that I was struggling accepting support and help and yes they were the ones talking about priorities and time management. No excuses in my eyes if you say you’ll take care of a child you do so. If you can’t you say so.


  2. Sounds like a sorry end to that first day. Don’t let it cause you to rethink your decision about school, etc. Have you told the school what your schedule will be and about the situation? Hang in there…you have managed much worse things!

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  3. I felt the need to respond after seeing some other responses. Yes, you should feel let down a person made a commitment to pick up your children from school, which is extremely important. Your children were expecting to be picked up from school by this individual and probably did not understand why they were not there. Although the children were still at the school and in a safe environment, it is not the school’s job to watch the children after school hours. Most teachers and school staff have other duties and responsibilities that they need to attend to during this time. I am not a mother, but I am a teacher and have been there and have seen first hand how children react, often with tears and fear, when they are not picked up. The individual owes your children and you an apology and a sincere commitment to be there when promised.


  4. I remember being forgotten once, got picked up by a very apologetic childcare worker a tad late
    And working in a relevant field to that childcare worker I have to ask; How the hell do you cock up picking a child up for school?

    To go further would divulge more about myself than this arena allows but I get your pain


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