I did it!!!!

7:30am and I’m ready for school.

My education has fallen to the side for a number of reasons. My problems in my marriage, feeling like I’m letting my kids down being away from the house and not being able to take them to school a few days a week. Lack of confidence in my ability to do this.

But I decided I have to push on. There’s to many positives.

Had my ride sorted, school work ready, home made lunch, a coffee in my drink bottle. Kids organised, hubby ready to take them to school.

I got this shit


6 thoughts on “I did it!!!!

  1. Not commenting to be the grammar police, just thought seein’ as you’re doing the edu. thing I thought you might like me to mention it:
    Not ‘There’s to many positives,’ but ‘There’s too many positives.’

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