A sign?

Silly I know. My sailor knowss I love purple. So a few months back he grew me purple carrots. He’s just pulled this from the garden and gave them to me. For the first time today I actually smiled



7 thoughts on “A sign?

  1. I think one thing us women forget is that men are different, society has made us hold our men up to such high standards that are just impossible to reach. The fairytale and movies are just that, some want that head over heels, chocolates and flowers kind of guy. Me personally, I want the kind of man that will come home to me, love me for my faults, keep me grounded and tell me when I am wrong. I don’t know what you are going through but I know tough times are just that, tough. Ask yourself, are you expecting your sailor to be prince charming coming to your rescue? I think those carrots are 100 times better than flowers. They are connected, they were planted for you and they were picked and given to you and they will nourish you. I am a firm believer in signs and I think this is one hell of a sign. Just remember, a marriage takes two, except each other’s faults, they were there before you got married. Don’t expect things to turn into a fairytale because of that’s what you want, you will never be happy.

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    • I agree the carrots are a 1000% better then flowers. Nah don’t want a fairy tale marriage. I want respect, love, security etc. I accept his faults. I’m currently blamed for all his personal issues, all our marriage issues and everything in between. I believe marriage is between two not one doing all the effort and the other giving 5%.

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      • I agree, but don’t take the blame for his personal issues, I am don’t know if he is much of a communicator but I know I had to sit down with my hubby after a couple of years of marriage and tell him, instead of staying silent until everything boils over he needs to tell me if he has an issue. I have the same issues, I get really bad anxiety, not only in my marrige but with life in general. I was always worried that I was doing something wrong, I had to make sure he was happy. I have seen my mother go through a few failed marriges and relationships, along with my father and I know that is where my fear had come from. I had to learn to control my anxiety and for people like us it is hard, I still get it but I have slowly learned to tone it down, I had to, my 10 year old son was diagnosed with anxiety also, I had to learn how to control it so I could help him control his. I truely believe that anxiety can cause problems in a relationship especially if the other person does not suffer from it. I had to explain to the hubby what happens when it hits, he seemed to understand a little but like other people he can not truely understand what it feels like until they have to go through it. My thoughts and prayers are with you, stay strong and don’t let your worse fears take control of you. In a perfect world a marriage would be 100% from both people but we are not in a perfect world.


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