In all my searching I can’t find

Support or experiences of two people both having bpd and being in a relationship. Like hubby and I. I’m trying to reach out to males with bpd or couples etc. So I can understand more of my Hubby’s experiences etc. I can’t find it anywhere. I’ve recently join a support group online. I’m watching YouTube vids but they seem to all be from the female bpd point of view. I’m about to watch two movies again. Girl interrupted  and silver linings playbook. Both brilliant movies which explore bpd and other mental health issues. I’ve also just realised people who know me some what understand bpd. But not me and bpd. My husband and two friends from dbt have it but I’ve realise whilst I shared they understand but from their experience. Not from seeking out my own. And whilst we have the same disorder we are all very different. I’m trying to understand them especially my hubby better by research, docos  etc. But I wonder if anyone has done this to try and understand me and my ways. Maybe I’m just not good at expressing fully how it makes me feel and why. Also I’m not trying to “fix” my hubby just to try to be as supportive and understanding to if I get the chance to be a better wife


6 thoughts on “In all my searching I can’t find

  1. you’re in a tough situation…a tough marriage because of the challenges you and your husband face…my best advice is to face them together – since you both have similar experiences your understanding of each other can help you weather the ups and downs of bpd…and yes, keep looking for help – it’s definitely out there somewhere…again, and always, best of luck! 🙂


  2. Hi Friend
    Just a couple of ideas form past experience with grandfather. A couple resources I head to as reliable, Mayo, find a Urologist Assoc and follow some links. A thought off the top is find a Therapist familiar with the challenges. Since You have looked for answers for a long time, there my be frustrations not said outlaid. Good luck, I wish you well.


  3. I feel touched. I’m 26 year old male with recent diagnosis of bpd. All i can say is to support the lows no matter how far he pushes you away. And he will love you even more in his highs.

    I hope that is of some help X



  4. As someone with BPD and having been in 2 relationships with another with BPD my best suggestion I’d that you both be actively engaged in your own separate, quality therapy. Also, it will be most beneficial for you both to focus on getting yourselves well and not focusing on each other’s challenges. Feel free to ask me anything you’d like, hope this helps and best wishes.


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