I’m so proud that despite the hard times lately I’ve pushed through. I feel like I’ve had an inner breakthrough. The old me would’ve just given up and quickly. But even tho the status of my marriage is uncertain my husband is still here and trying to make an effort. He picked my girl up late last week and I was so so angry. He didn’t see the issue. I got angry in the mental health appointment that he’d forgotten my girl. Well today he said I’ve set my alarm on my phone to go pick baby up, that is huge acknowledgment for me. I said I could today but needed him to pick her up Wednesday. He asked me to remind him to set his alarm so he get there on time. It was music to my ears team work right there.

Old me being down would’ve cancelled appointments. But last week went to my dentist appointment despite anxiety and my phobia of needles and last appointment tomorrow. I also kept up my driving lessons. I felt so proud because the instructor said I’m ready to sit my full licence and I’m a good driver. So he’s booking me in and while waiting I’ll have my last few lessons.

Plus the whole job hinting. I have an interview for Wednesday and where I’m from that’s hard enough to just get to that point. I also put flyers up for private housing keeping, had an interview today and got the job, cash to so an extra $60 a fortnight. Went to social welfare this morning as I was told I could get help to cover the cost of an outfit doe interviews and they accepted it. So for the first time I. A few years I have a brand-new, jacket, pants, 2x tops, boots and socks.

Last week I felt stuck. Today I feel proud. My husband and I have a lot of work to do if he stays in our marriage. But I needed so hope, some sign and I have that. I have also realised I’m stronger then ever for keeping going, improving myself, seeking help and studying and a part time job.

I’ve been running on empty. Now I’m at quarter full. Enough to breathe, have hope and see the positives. So if to.orrow is a low day I know I can face it


5 thoughts on “Wahoo

  1. That’s the key, you just don’t quit and you keep going. Me and the husband always say, “That’ll be the day !!!” We just don’t quit…So on we go and so do you ❤ Blessings ❤


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