Who hits a dog during a driving lesson???

What a day, interesting, frustrating, challenging

So passed our house inspection yay and landlord didn’t even notice 13 chickens in the backyard lol (gave our chicks extra food as a well done for being quiet lol). Bonus we get a new rangehood and brand new curtains and curtain rails through the house. Super exciting about that.

The job interview didn’t happen. I think I dodged a bullet there. I’m a little sad and disappointed but at the end of the day its ok.

And my driving lesson. Head out going well and a car pulls straight out in front of me managed to miss them. Carry on calming my nerves. Driving along noted there a hazard of a dog and before I could blink instincts toke over it ran straight out at me. Id already take immediate action breaking and serving. Sadly I hit the dog. We pulled over the dog was alright. No damage to the car. We found the owner who at 1 in the afternoon was drunk and didn’t care at all. The dog had a small amount of blood on its mouth but acting normally. The instructor took the address and will be going back to talk to his wife to make sure the dog is def ok. So by now my nerves were shot. Bit got back in the car and carried on. Another car pulled out in front of me and 3 nearly hit me. I got back home and my instructor said “if you were sitting your drivers test today I would have passed you”. I was shocked. Bit he said that I was aware of my hazards and acted quickly and did everything right. He believed none of it was my fault. And he said because of my quick action the dog didn’t die nor injury. I’d done everything how hed taught me and that I’d carried on despite the pressure showed I’m a good driver.

So back home now its hit me hard that I’d hit a poor animal, I’m really drained bit proud of myself and how I handled it all. I’ll be pleased for bedtime.


10 thoughts on “Who hits a dog during a driving lesson???

  1. I would make a complaint about the dog owner to the authorities, the RSPCA, the newspaper… Bloody dog owner, poor dog and well done for doing your best.

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    • Aw thank you. Yup driving instructor said he’d speak to the wife and check on the dog. And make the decision to contact SPCA etc. We were both disgusted in the owners behaviour. He just didn’t care. Just hope the dog is ok. I’m not a animal person. But my god when I hit it the guilt was and still is huge. I am grateful I was aware and could stop n kill the poor thing


  2. I’ve only recently got my drivers licence myself. It’s hard for people with anxiety, I go as far as calling it hellish. The first time I failed I think I cried all night.
    However nothing cures anxiety better then repeated experience, so keep it up.


  3. Congratulations on it!! You took a huge step!! It’s hard enough to take a driver’s test but when you are anxiety prone it makes it worse. As far as the dog, not too much could be done but I would definitely report it to the proper authorities


  4. Wow, what a day you had! I hate driving. Absolutely hate it. Around here, everyone acts as if they are full of anger while driving and in such a hurry that they really push their luck. It stresses me out big time.


  5. Great job! Although I am not usually anxious driving make me feel that way and I’ve been putting off restarting lessons because of it so I think it is incredible that you were able to keep going after so many obstacles. Keep up the good work and don’t beat yourself up over the dog. Perhaps your near hit may set things in motion to get him better care.


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