So this whole vaping things turning out awesome. This week I’ve on my own cut down so much. I reckon by the end of the week I’d have cur back a whole 30g tobacco. More then $45 I’m really proud. I brought the coffee eliquard and omg its devine my two favourites finally combined tobacco and coffee. I also got the engery drink flavour which I can’t wait to try. There’s a pay it forward group in nz whom gifted my hubby a vaper to for free with a melon style eliquird. I’m so proud that I’ve managed to cut down so much never thought it would happen. Only disadvantage to the vaper I brought is the battery life isn’t the best. But I have the option of buying a second at some stage. My hubby is been super supportive as are my kids. My 13 year old came out and said hey mum I’ve been researching vaping and its 95% healthier then ciggys good on you. I’m not wanting to quit smoking but to get to a 30g per week. And once my tobacco plants are grown its be nearly free. I’m nearly 32 and this is the least amount I’ve smoked since 16. Yay for vaping







10 thoughts on “Vaping

  1. Hey. Sorry, I’m new-ish to WordPress and don’t really know the proper way to go about introducing myself to other bloggers, so I’m just gonna comment. Do you use nicotine in your vape? I’m currently trying to quit. The vape kinda helps but I don’t have the nicotine. I was wondering if it works better…


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