Looking at the positives

I know I was negative for awhile there. Times are still hard. But my sailor and I are both making effort to better well save our marriage. So far so good. I think we’ve both looked at what each others needs are and working towards them as well as our own. For him my smoking or the amount of money I spend on smoking is a huge deal. So I’ve compromised and working my way to not giving up but cutting g down. I’m trying to listen without inruption so he feels heard and supported. In turn he’s actively supporting my work study and cutting down smoking. Making changes helping more with the house and cooking like he did in the past and setting his alarm to remember important things like picking my girl up, appointments etc.

For me words are only worth something if they match the actions and I believe we are both putting the hard yards.


6 thoughts on “Looking at the positives

  1. Don’t cut down, girl, STOP! That’s commitment. And listening isn’t just about leaving space for another to speak, it’s about hearing what hey say and understanding their needs. And sometimes, even if you don’t agree, giving way.


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