When the government has the power to suspend your benefit

And you start your week with no money its difficult to say the least. Rewind. In nz we have a pretty good benefit system. Hubby and I are both under medical certs. We get a small amount of money weekly bit enough to jut live. Normally I’m grateful to receive this.

A few weeks back I had an appointment to try to do our yearly review, the lady booked a second appointment and said hubby had to attend but I was not required to, no forms etc. So he went to the appointment and was sent home with forms for us both to fill out. And yet another appointment. Despite the two meetings we nothing was done they booked us a third for after our benefit would be suspended. 

So here I am sitting here in a anxiety attack because our appointment isn’t to tomorrow and we would have normally been paid and we haven’t. I know something will be sorted but no know how or when is spiralling me down. My husband doesn’t cope with these meetings, panic attacks not able to function even tho he tries. So in a way it gets left to me to deal with. I’m normally grateful but when weve done everything asked and we still hit brick walls. To go against a huge place like welfare it an up hill battle. Is it so wrong to need food, rent, and power? Is it so wrong to want them to accept our medical certs. Since we’ve been married and gone legal we have had nothing but cut backs (lost $180 a week) rent rises, I’m studying to try to get a job after being knocked back by many I’ve applied for because of my lack of experience, or education. We’ve cut costs on everything, actively cut done on smokes. Grow our own veg. Trade our eggs for fruit. I make everything from scratch. Saving on petrol and power. We don’t drink, go out, no movies, no treats for the kids. What more can we do

In 24 hours we’ll know but my god when your anxiety is through the roof 24 hours feels like a life time.


17 thoughts on “When the government has the power to suspend your benefit

  1. Your thoughts control your feelings. When you feel yourself spiralling like this, take some deep belly breaths. In through your nose; out through your mouth. And then think about five things you are grateful for at this very moment. Repeat as required!

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  2. I don’t know anything about the NZ system, but it sounds as barmy as the one here in the U.S. We’re suffering severe Medicaid (med. care for the poor) cutbacks in my state due to our horrid, “all-about-the-almighty-dollar” governor. Are there any social workers/”caseworkers” you can talk to, perhaps help with what you need, help you get through the absurd red tape?

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    • I agree, when we deal with them we’re polite and respectful. I only wish we received he same in return. We’ve been patient but when you have mouths to feed and rent to pay and no money it makes it challenge. Thanks we will 🙂

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  3. Oh God….my heart breaks for you. I’ve been there and done that with ‘The System’ here in Oz. It’s so mentally draining and demoralising.

    Keeping everything crossed for you and your little family that you get the right result sooner than later.


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