Follow on from my last post

We had our winz appointment and managed to get our benefit back on and paid. We got a new person while it was a super long appointment he was good. Made sure to get absolutely everything sorted. Getting paid was such a relief. And even better hubby and I supported each other through it. 

As a few know I’m studying atm. I start the next course in less then 2 weeks. Part of getting it paid on student loan you get $1000 course related costs. So now bills are paid etc. I went and purchased a new laptop. Yay for me lol I had a 10″ inch slow netbook for 4 years. Now I have a brand spanking new 15.6inch screen. Upgraded to 4gb ram n 500gb storage. Perfect for study. And to watch movies with my hubby. Only $549 saving a few hundred.

I’m not a material person I don’t spend on myself so I’m feeling like a kid on christmas. 


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