My baby has started a business at 7

And I couldn’t be more proud. My hubby is starting a gardening business and thought be a great idea if my kids started their own to. So my son started potatoes and so yummy had the first lot with dinner. Then he suggested a strawberry business for my girl. So since December last year when she came home with a strawberry plant she’d grown she’s been talking about it. 

Started by selling some of her old toys making $63.50 so we opened her a bank account and started the discussion of adding to the 20 strawberry plants we gifted her. She was very clear she wanted to buy 30 more. So we discussed her waiting for sales for the best deals, investing her money into buying them. Whilst talking about it she started discussing how and where to sell them. She has told everyone she’s come in contact with about it getting promises they’d buy from her come Christmas time. She wants to make a sign and take a table to the beach and sell them also the local market. She wants to sell fresh, strawberry lollies (made in the dehydrator) and strawberry jam. So we said as long as she has the money to buy sugar I’ll help her make it all. 

Today she went to the bank talked to the teller. Saying excuse me may I have my $50 I need to invest in my strawberry business and buy 30 plants. Then went to the local store and brought her babies. Everyone is shocked and excited for her. 

So offically she started “strawberry runners” the name she picked for herself. Never expected her to still want it so bad. Her maths is improving. She’s learning about gardening and how to store food, and cook. She’s learning about money, savings and investing. And most of all her confidence is rapidly climbing. She’s o excited and were all so proud


16 thoughts on “My baby has started a business at 7

  1. Awwww, wow!! Well done Miss Strawberry Runner!!

    And well done to a proud Mummy & Daddy!! 😀 She’s obviously picked up more than a few savvy traits from her parents and role models.

    Thank you for sharing this and putting a huge smile on my face and a twinkle in the eye.


  2. Reblogged this on CraftyCAN and commented:
    Oooh, have to share this Post with you today too from Kelzbelzphotography.

    Reading Posts like this inspire me and certainly put a huge smile on my face. It’s great to hear of children who are taking life by the horns and enjoying it at the same time.

    What a brilliant way to teach ‘life skills’ to our young…and inspire those of us who aren’t quite so young.

    Till Next Time!! xx


  3. Sounds amazing! As a teacher I just think “wow real world applications!” This child is going out and applying all they know and then learning more to continue their passion! Amazing drive in today’s world!


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