So much to catch up on here

But today some good news. I started my cafe service course, where I not only get my brista (should learn out to spell it haha) food safety, first aid, work experience with awesome chefs, in a commercial kitchen plus my certificate at the end. 

I went in excited but nervous. Progress though I stayed and didn’t once think of backing out. I had everything I needed and was positive. We went through orientation then after our break headed straight to the kitchen and I made these berry white chocolate muffins 

I’m super excited as I’m a hands I learner, I get to learn front of house and back of house, incuding lots of cooking.

Got home and my awesome hubby had picked my girl up. I was able to bring the muffins home and they were so excited for their treat. Sailor described them as beyond amazing n my girl going quiet enjoying them (the girls never quiet lol) my boy arrived home from school and his facial expressions were priceless. 

I cooked a yum dinner and sailor surprised my by doing the dishes, while kids did jobs and I did washing. Its a huge thing while study for me to take care of home my hubby n kids, but the help is mind blowing. Pure team work. And to hear my hubby sayhes proud of me and impressed of me just made my day.

I realised this morning on the way to course that its 14 years ago whilst pregnant at 17 with my son that I promised myself one day I’d study and today I made that dream happen.


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