Week 1 of fulltime study complete :)

I’ve done it week 1 and we all survived. I’m feeling proud. Of myself for starting and managing my anxiety. Of my husband who is really supporting me with study, home and picking kids up. Of my kids for doing their jobs and my girl even made dinner one night.

They’re making it possible. Many will know I have ocd and heck I didn’t vacuum for a week and wow the house didn’t fall apart cause of it. I’ve manage to keep on top of my family, home and me. 

I’m so happy I didn’t give into fear and am doing it. Bettering myself and our family. I’m tired bit excited.


5 thoughts on “Week 1 of fulltime study complete :)

  1. What you did is very awesome. I have ocd too, and feel pulled to clean bathrooms and floors of our place. I stopped doing it as often as I use too, even though it drives me nuts not too. One step at a time. So great your family supports you. Even though I am miles away, so do I my friendXO


  2. As an adult student myself, I share your feelings and fears. I have just completed my associates and am transferring to a 4 year Univ. I will say, after my first completed semester back, at the age of 40, I could not stop crying tears of joy on my way home after my finals. Do not let anything stop you! Believe me, it’s worth it, and the feeling of pride and accomplishment you’ll have, even after you’re done with 1 semester is utterly amazing. Fight through it, and let your family know exactly how much you need them on this adventure. Their support is vital and they will be so proud of you for doing this.
    P.S. Micromanaging your home life isn’t necessary. Let others help too.


  3. I am really behind on reading the posts I follow. Sorry I missed this when you posted it. But I am really glad to learn about your courage and perseverance to lay hold of a good goal and to let go of unrealistic expectations. Keeping you and your family in prayer… ❤


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