I’m blessed

A month into my studies and life’s going from strength to strength.

Firstly my hubby is stePping up so much. He’s been supportive and kind. Super helpful with things around home and especially with the kids. When I’m tired or feeling overwhelmed he’s right there. He’s patient and encouraging me to keep going. 

My babies are growing so fast. They’re both helping around the house. My girl supporting mummies school. My boy letting me teach him what I’m learning in the kitchen. We’re despite me fulltime studying and part-time working gaining our bonds. Not losing like I thought may happen. It feels like we are closer then before.

Normal you might say, the way it should be. But I’ve not experienced this before. My hubby and I aren’t perfect we have our ups and downs. But I’ve never experienced a relationship like it. I’m not use to support, kindness, help and so much love.

I’m blessed and super grateful for my sailor and children

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