Yummy goodness

​Made a tasty beet, spinach salad with toasted walnuts and feta and a yummy honey mustard red wine vinaigrette for dinner from the @nadialimcooks Nadia’s kitchen cookbook. (The winner of one of the new Zealand master chef shows) Big hit with the kids

Inspired by all the fresh produce I got today for a gorgeous little organic shop

And last nights dinner of beautiful chicken and asparagus in a lemon soy chicken broth and fluffy rice (found the reciepe on YouTube)

Creative Saturday

​Playing around with a basic meringue recipe, made peppermint n dark choc, strawberry flavoured and a few different types of meringue cookies. Tried out brandy snaps bit of a disaster but still tasted good

Exactly six months

Ago I married my best friend. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives bring. I love him so much, the ups and downs. The happiness the sadness, I love how we can be our weird and silly self’s together. How he drives me incredibly insane but so happy at the same time. Most of all he can make me laugh so hard every thing aches. Made the best decision to marry my sailor

Absolutely a cycle

After my last post I’ve had a good day, I’m drained I’m feeling more positive. Life is challenging and when I hit a hole in the road I have to remind myself that a bad day isn’t a bad life 

Studying fulltime is an ongoing adjustment for me and my family. We’re all busy people and sometimes just bringing it back to basics is defiantly needed. So I had laughs with my boy. I got the ingredients for me and my baby to make yummy chocolate berry tart (love teaching my kids in the kitchen) and I hugged my hubby tighter and reminded myself just how amazing an supportive he’s been. 

So while I’m looking forward to semester break in a weeks time. I’m going to make the most of class. Today we had an awesome service heaps of positive comments from customers in the pop up cafe we’re running. My husbands business is coming along nicely and he’s learn so much. 

So time to just be proud of how far we all coming 

Feeling pulled

This week has been challenging. Between study work, home, hubby, kids, housework I’m feeling torn. Kids are playing up, hubby is grumpy with me n I have know idea why and I’m tired. I thought semester break was this week but it’s not for two weeks. Feel like I’m running on empty trying to fit everything in. So frustrated and emotional

Omg I’m in veggie heaven

My hubby started voluntarily work at a local organic veggie place. And he gets paid in shop credit. So we headed in there today and for the first time in ages spent $40 on veg without worry about the price

So not only does my hubby learn more with gardening but he provides well for us. After a big meal of fresh veggies we’re still needing a bigger fridge!!!

Can’t wait to make kale chippies for the kids. And loved meeting the owners and people my hubby is working with

Week 7 as a student

And shits getting real. 

For the past 6 weeks we’ve baked, cooked, studied, learnt and gained our barista and food safety certs. Completed and passed assessments written and practical (i received best tasting pie of the class in our big assessment out of 18 other students). I’m proud that I’m the only student in our class with 100% attendance and not once been late (who would’ve guessed I’d be so happy to go to class). Its been our training for today.

Today we had our first day of weekly prep because we start service tomorrow. We have a cafe open three days a week and each tale turns in different roles from dishy to brista to different roles in the kitchen. And guess what I’m first up as sous chef. Ahhhh can’t wait I’m excited nervous. 

Can’t wait to let you all know how I go. This time in two months I’ll have completed my first course as an adult student. I’m so proud

Argh disaster baking day

When the meringue from the lemon meringue pie srinks and the elcairs aren’t right what do you do. Smother it with whipped cream and no ones any the wiser lol 

Turns out I can make things perfectly until its assessment day at school or an occasion like fathers day. 

Twice this week. But hey its made with love so on wards and upwards best get practicing with working under pressure

Happy sailor day

Well today’s fathers day in nz but we name it happy sailors day, my hubby is a daddy to 3 beautiful girls and my children wanted to celebrate the day with him so instead of fathers day and pressure we changed it. My children don’t see the bio fathers and I feel its not right for some one else to just be called dad. Yet here’s my hubby who’s despite ups n downs has being an amazing role model and step parent to my babies. He’s supporting and teaching them as a father would. So today happy sailors day my darling love you