Absolutely a cycle

After my last post I’ve had a good day, I’m drained I’m feeling more positive. Life is challenging and when I hit a hole in the road I have to remind myself that a bad day isn’t a bad life 

Studying fulltime is an ongoing adjustment for me and my family. We’re all busy people and sometimes just bringing it back to basics is defiantly needed. So I had laughs with my boy. I got the ingredients for me and my baby to make yummy chocolate berry tart (love teaching my kids in the kitchen) and I hugged my hubby tighter and reminded myself just how amazing an supportive he’s been. 

So while I’m looking forward to semester break in a weeks time. I’m going to make the most of class. Today we had an awesome service heaps of positive comments from customers in the pop up cafe we’re running. My husbands business is coming along nicely and he’s learn so much. 

So time to just be proud of how far we all coming 


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