Had a chance to calm

Myself, I realise its not fair on my kids or me to shut off, so I told them I needed mama time n had a coffee n smoke. Went back inside cleaned the whole house, cooked from scratch including the pasta home made Mac n cheese and tried churros for the first time. I gave my husband space he finally came home n I through tears listened as he attempted to tell me what’s happening. I spent time just chilling talking with my babies. 

I’m emotional and drained but my gutted was spot on (teach me for not listening to it). I’m going to try get an early night. Before I got batshit crazy with a nozzle that’s tried attacking me for the past half an hour n can’t catch the bugger.

Night all

1 thought on “Had a chance to calm

  1. Motherhood! Just like life we also have to pace our work slow it down a tad bit! Just got my cancer 6 months back (early stage chronic myeloid leukemia) and seems that I have no choice but to slow down. But still Thank God that have strength and energy to move! Take that break to recollect yourself!


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