Shaking in anger

Right now seriously some people are just bloddy assholes. In 24 hours I’ve been made to feel guilty for 3 different things and seriously no need for it.

One was a mums lunch with my I guess ex best friend. I got called in to work n need the money n she guilt tripped bad.

2nd was having a get together I hadn’t said I was going then half an hour before it started she text n called telling me everyone had let her down n when I said I was sick she got sgitty as hell.

Then my man has been stressed n outta no where lost the plot at me, words only. Then proceeded to ingnore me. All night. This morning said he needed some him time so went out for hours. Comes back still snapping or ignoring me and kids., but talked to mates on the phone. He snapped at my girl again n I told them all to stop, our chickens are going nuts (his job) I got upset n look up n he’s taken off again.

Seriously ready to lose my shit at the world, I bend over backward for my husband, kids, family n friends n in return I get bullshit. 

I’ve been so patient with him n argh wtf I’m shaking so badly at the moment this sucks

2 thoughts on “Shaking in anger

  1. … and breathe. Unfortunately, mothers are genetically engineered to make their daughters feel guilty (personal experience talking). Most times, they don’t realise they’re doing it. Your friend will understand, she was probably mad herself because things didn’t go to plan and your guy probably just needs a time out…. My best therapy… open up a word doc and write it out all out, every single thought and feeling that passes through your subconscious. It’ll help you make sense of it all. Hope the day/night improves šŸ™‚


  2. Take a deep breath…we all have days like that. The only reason you feel guilty is because you care about them. But the catch is, is how far you let them make you feel guilty. Just step away for a bit


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