Wow just had the biggest reality check

Of how much pain I put people through when I was so mentally unwell.

I rung my mum in tears are the gravity of what I did hit. I’ve never been more genuinely this sorry until know because I just didn’t realise. 

I now understand the complete helpless feeling watching someone in such a black hole, the only thing I can do I be there and listen. To try not to take the words personally. To treasure the person. To strong for them and to remind them they will be ok. 

I’m not religious but I can only pray they can see there is light beyond the fog. That they are stronger then they think. And hope.

Because through my experience I know nothing I can say will make it all better, the person need to see that for themselves.

I can only do what I can do, I have support and back up, both family, friends and services 

I seriously pray for this one thing that this special, witty, intelligent, loving, passionate, talents incredible human being can see how much they are wanted and loved and needed. And the world will never be the same without them

5 thoughts on “Wow just had the biggest reality check

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. My official diagnosis is severe, recurring, depression which makes me proud of you sharing your struggles and accomplishments! Thank you. Praying for you and your family.


  2. You are courageous, and now it’s time to look up and ahead and not backward towards recriminating guilt. I think you are strong enough; sending you hugs, prayers and an Angel.


  3. Life is a roller coaster. You have your ups and downs. I pray this person will realize they are special and mean a lot to their friends, including you, and family. You are supporting them and letting know you will listen.


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