Feels like life’s 

Falling apart at great speed. I know its a bump in the road. Logically I know it won’t last, things will pick back up, I know life’s not all bad. Just having an overwhelming day of feeling guilt and helplessness. My babies birthday is next week and I feel I’m letting him down. Home life is tense. My sailors away for work. My kids are picking up my emotions and everyone’s on eggshells. Course starts back next week and I’m scared I’ll fail, even though I’ve passed to this point. Financially we’re screwed at no fault of our own our incomings are not covering the bare basics. I’m stressed and frustrated. And annoyed how quickly things can go from amazing to shit in 2.5 seconds. I need a break which won’t happen. I need rest. I need me time. I need family time. I need to stop tiring myself up in knots. And my phone needs to stop with auto correct. argh life

10 thoughts on “Feels like life’s 

  1. Take life insurance out on the phone (they have enough artificial intelligence to count as people now!)
    Take phone on cliff side walk
    Have wittiness’s

    Remind next phone what ‘didn’t’ happen to the previous one when it tries to autocorrect

    Ps: I know you did everything you could when it tripped and fell…


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