An update I never thought I’d have to do

 I’ve just found out he’s been admitted to mental health inpatient unit at the hospital. Whish means he’s considered critically mentally unwell. I asked to visit n he’s refusing all visitors. Waiting to hear back from his nurse. She/he if she can tell me anything. I know he’s in the best and safest possible place. He’ll get treated and assessed properly. He’s got a roof over his head and meals. I brought him lots of his favourite things which my mum will drop to the reception tomorrow for Christmas. I was so angry last night with him felt abandoned and alone. But I know now how sick he is and having been there myself I understand. I know its not my fault. But I can help but feel helpless. Not able to help him at all i desperately want to just go there find him and hold him so tight so he knows I’m here I love him I’m not going to abandon him. I want to just tell him to take his time, accept the help, get well, that’ll it’ll all be ok. He’ll be ok. We will be ok. That we love him and admire him getting help. 


12 thoughts on “An update I never thought I’d have to do

  1. I am glad to hear that he is getting help, and sad that it’s so difficult for you right now at this time of year. We will be keeping you in our prayers. With a mom and mother in law with mental issues and having seen them both in mental health clinics at different points of my life I know how hard this can be, but he’s in the safest place for himself and for your family.

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  2. there’s a whole bunch of things out of your control right now; Sailor’s thought processes are troubled and he needs care beyond what you can give; he cannot receive what you long to give him right now…but, with care, rest, and treatment, his balance will return–you know this yourself. but there are some very important things you can do that are within your control. they will make a difference in how well you feel during this challenging time. they will also make a difference in Sailor’s life and his journey to healing…pray for him and wait patiently for the Lord to work His healing…. make no drastic decisions about future; draw no drastic conclusions or assumptions about what you think Sailor thinks…breathe…pray for him and carry on faithfully and take care of yourself…one day at a time…courage, dear girl ❤

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    • I know its not my fault. As as for obsessing he is my husband and extremely unwell. It is about us to me n my kids. Our worlds been turned upside down n while he’s unwell everything is on my shoulders. I’m absolutely taking care of me and my kids but as his wife I’d not going to stop trying and being there

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  3. That is such a despairing situation for you to be in; i know what it’s like. The local one here is so bad at giving out ANY sort of information. They treat spouses like if they were strangers to the patient. It is so hard to get in touch and know that everything will be ok when that’s all you want to tell him and hear that he’s ok several times a day.
    It is so hard to watch the man you love break down.
    You can feel so powerless.
    Be strong, stay positive, he needs you to be all there for him mentally and emotionally.


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