Frustrated as hell

With some people. While I’ve had amazing support n a lot of understanding people given the situation my family finds ourselves in. I’m really over the few who have stated I should leave hubby. Its nothing to do with me. That I’m obsessing. I’m stupid to stick around blah blah fucking blah.

For the god damn record. I am taking great care of me and my kids. My home looks great, my kids have healthy meals, emotionally I’m doing my up most to support them. I’m keeping up the rules so things are normal. I’m fighting to keep our financial situation going, even though 2 days out from Christmas there’s no money coming in. Om attending appointments. I’m booked in with my doctor to get advice on meds n counciling. I’m taking care of a huge yard my hubs turned into a business, plus 10 chickens without the tools I need to do it properly. I’m showering daily, I’m doing my best to sleep.  Sorted Christmas. All while being in limbo about my husband, his health and our marriage. Supporting him the best I can even tho he still won’t talk to me or anyone. I’m supporting the staff to do there job. I’ve not gone back onto old patterns of self harmong nor suicidal thoughts

I am busting my fucken arse to do it right and not even a week after I watched my sick husband leave me and move out, watched him drive out of town. Without my so called obsessing I wouldnt have known where he was let alone that he’s seeking help and in an acute mental health hospital. 

To to fucken hell with those who could do it better and their fucken judgement. I’m just a women trying to keep her husband alive and family together


12 thoughts on “Frustrated as hell

  1. Oh my goodness! The people telling you to quit could NOT do it better! They couldn’t do it at *all*, that’s why they’re assuming you can’t either. But you can–you already are doing it! Stay strong and keep having faith in yourself to know what is right for you and yours.


  2. Keep going! You have done an awesome job preparing for Christmas and keeping your family and yourself together. Just take one step at a time (-you’re already doing this) and it’s going to be ok. You are making your situation work and you are doing a great job. And that’s all down to you. You can only control the things you can control. Haters gonna hate but you ignore them and keep going. You got this – and you’re doing a great job. [hugs]


  3. You’re doing the best you can, which is amazing by the way. Take the good from those who support you and ignore the rest. Remember to take care of you first, if you get sick no one will be there to take care of things.


  4. It’s easier for those from the outside looking in to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do…all I’m going to keep saying is hang in there…follow what you feel is in the best interest of your family.


  5. My wife and I pray for you and your situation daily. I can relate 100% as one with PTSD and a stroke survivor. Many of days my wife have walked in your shoes and it takes a strong woman not to give up nor given to the negative. Remain encourage and know that your not alone.

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  6. Stay strong. You know you are and have reason to be proud of your strength, of the woman you have become through hard work, insight, and discipline. You love him. You choose not to leave him while he’s suffering. That’s admirable.


  7. You are an amazing woman who is doing her best! I’m full of admiration for you! Don’t care about the negativity as it comes from people who don’t have a clue of how to deal with challenging life situations and empathy!

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  8. much love and strength to you. who cares what those others say or think, you are doing a great job and should be proud of yourself for doing what needs to be done. It is so easy for others to judge when they are not in that place…. hugs. Michelle


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