I told my aunty

Today that I knew marriage wasn’t a fairy tale, that I’m my opinion before I married my husband that marriage takes works. That while its amazing I knew we’d have challenges. That we need to fall in love with each other over and over again. That even without being a blended family and both with mental health issues it would be hard bit worth it. Otherwise I’d never have done it.  Said to her today i didn’t expect it to be this hard. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said kelz this is a whole other level that people can’t and don’t plan for because no one wants to think it’ll go there. I dawned on me the gravity of our situation. I wish to godi knew someone who has gone through this


2 thoughts on “I told my aunty

  1. It wouldn’t matter or change anything if you knew someone who’d been through this. You do, You…Now you have to do what’s the best for you and your kids. Let him heal himself. You can’t do that nor should you. You can support from a distance and give it to the power’s that be. The only control you have is your own choices for YOU and your CHILDREN. That is all that matters now ❤ Trust me, I am wise and know these things, Prayer's ❤


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