3 days of practical

Today I have work for a few hours it is only casual n will only bring $40 but that’s better then nothing. Tomorrow I go into winz to get my benefit sorted as a single mum (I don’t want to but I have no choice other no rent gets paid, no food etc.) Could be up to two weeks before its set up. Then the next day doctors. I know I’m able to get 3 free counciling appointments. I’m not looking at meds because I know I’m low and struggling but managing at the same time. So they’re not needed but I’m completely ruling it out. I have a big decision to make of the coming weeks with my course for chef training it starts in Feb so about a month away. I still want to do it more then anything, student loans all sort. Its something I’m passionate about. Here’s the problem the hours range from 8am – 9:30pm five days a week. Meaning I’d have to leave 7:30 on early days and on late days wouldn’t be home to 10pm. My hubby and I had discussed it in great depth. I have 2 kids 7 and 14. Mornings I could cover cause my boy is massive at getting himself to school and before school care for my daughter (not ideal but doable) afternoons would be fine bit only till Max of 6 pm with after school care. So 6-10 I’d have no sitters (I can get support from winz for the 7:30-6 hours but not after) my mum has offered to help which I’m grateful for but both low income I can’t afford the petrol for her to get her and back that many times in a week. My daughter also normally is in bed a 6pm (she’s a kid who needs her sleep) and how is it fair for my son to have to cook 4-5 times a week. I don’t think realistically is possible to do it in a practical sense. But I don’t want to get it up. My hubby had gotten slack on helping around the house but always did the yard chickens n helped with kids I could do food shopping at night while he had my babies. Now i have so much more on my plate. How the heck was I a solo mum for so many years. All I want is to better myself

2 thoughts on “3 days of practical

  1. I think you should just focus on today. Whenever life gets in my way, all I do is what do I have to do to make it through today… It’s less stressful. Try just to enjoy the kids and plan something special for New Year’s Eve….Blessings & Prayers, sweetie ❤


  2. It is good you are getting help where you can. This is hard with everything on your plate. Your boy is doing a lot to help you, and he wants to. I feel you are a great Mom, even though we don’t know each other personally. Glad you will still go to chef school, and keep with a passion you love to do. Prayers for all or you. Happy 2017:)


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