Heartbreak diet

Still the best. Sorry but I gotta find a few positives in this situation. When I met my hubby 3+ years ago I’d been quite sick I was down to 62 KGS n a nz size 7-8. I looked grossed. I got healthy and happily stuck to 65-70kgs nz size 10. Then over the past year I gain a shit load of weight n got up to 85kgs. Wheb I’m super stressed I struggle to eat feeling like I’ll be sick so I make myself at least have small but healthy meals 2 weeks ago I’d weighed myself n i was about 81- 82kg n now I’m 77.9kg yay. Goal 70kgs. I use to be 95kg n when I lost all the weight 7 years ago I promised I’d not be the “fat girl” again o can’t believe I let myself go like that. So here’s hoping I’ve kick started my weight loss journy

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