I got in and got some jobs done

Sad because they’re my husband jobs. Pissed of cause I hate gardening. Happy cause I finally got to mow the lawns. (When we moved in together I told him I do the lawns, I brought the lawnmower a few years before so proud, then he begged and begged so I let him use the lawn mower lol) so right bow in ya face sailor I won that one haha. Then on to the chickens he wanted them we got them now I gotta take care of them. All this without any gardening tools. Then I got pissed off cause I realised I made it happen n he that damn husband of mine taught me to be even more resourceful. Then I got pissed of because I realised why he enjoyed the huge massive gardens so much it was calming. Also discovered that after nearly 2 years of listening (or half listening) to him talk and talk and talk about gardens that I took more in then I knew. I did however have a child like tantrum at having to do the rubbish and clean out the chicken shit. But now sitting here I’m happy more then half is done. If he does eventually come home, or even to puck up his stuff he’ll see that I cared for his gardens and chickens each morning and every night. I hope he knows how much I love him its the first day of giving him complete space not contacting him at all. And it’s breaking me to know I can’t just tell him. Oh n PS this was after cleaning the whole house, then going to my house keeping job cleaning for 2 hours with two stroppy kids and 10 crazy arsehole chickens

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