Rant ahead

I’m on a women’s forum normally I’m the kind of person where I just scroll by n not react or let things annoy me but god damn. 

I’m sick of hearing bullshit husband/wife bashing. Like

-if my husband doesn’t put the toilet sit down I’ll leave him

-my husband only got 10 of the 20 things I want for Christmas I’ll leave him

– my husband works 80 hours weeks n he’s never there and doesn’t help around the house but I’m a stay home mum I’m gonna leave him

Seriously the pathetic excuses I’m seeing is driving me insane. Yup vent I get that. But how bout being damn grateful for you other half once in a while. I’ve wanted to post awww poor you you have a husband that works, takes care you u n ya kids, you have a home, nice cars, Christmas. You cab buy food spare a thought for those who have husband’s so mentally unwell they’ve been in hospital for 10 days, refusing to talk to or see his wife n kids. Spare a thought for the wife who on Christmas eve despite having lose her income still sat in tears wrapping a few gifts for the children and making sure they have a good Christmas. Try sparing a thought for the 14 yr old who blames himself and the 7 year old determined to bring him home and not matter what there mummy says feels its up to them to make it happen. Spare a thought for the wife who rings the hospital everyday even tho they won’t tell her anything. The wife who only relaxes when she knew he was in a mh ward and would be safe for that 24 hours. Spare a thought for the women who knows her husband is suicidal and if released will more then likely kill himself. Spare a thought for the family who doesn’t want to bury a great man. Spare a fucken thought for those living in limbo and facing actual fucken problems. I couldn’t care less about the toilet sit being up or down if it meant he was home. I didn’t get no nothing for damn Christmas and my husbands gifts I had to send to the hospital where they searched it in case something in it could harm him.

I kbow I’m being selfish right now. I get everyone has issues. I just wish people would be damn grateful for what thamey have so that they dobt lose there husband like I have 

9 thoughts on “Rant ahead

  1. You are not being selfish, you are pointing out a very important aspect that so many people forget. So many people become consumed by their puny problems that they forget so many other people are suffering homelessness, mental sickness, physical sickness….. I wish people would remember especially around holidays the people that are not nearly as fortunate. I pray he continues to get the help that he needs and that he can return home to you soon.


  2. I sorry you are in such pain…The only words I can give you is give it to the man watching over us all. He will help and I’ll send you a couple of Angels. There are so many unemployed Angel’s, they would only be to willing watch over you and your hubby and your children…God Bless ❤

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  3. Agreed. So true…. Some people don’t have a spouse. If they have a husband, they chose to love them… all of them, even the annoying habits. Don’t complain. Put the toilet seat down yourself and move on! Social media, etc… has led people to complain about everything, even the unimportant.

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  4. the best way we can help you right now is to encourage you along this journey with your man and pray for his healing and pray for your children. God give you His peace and strength; know that He is with you, one day at a time… ❤


  5. I’m confused. Maybe it’s because I’m an American? But if you’re married, why won’t the hospital give you any information? Here in the States, one of the reasons we fought so hard for “marriage equality” was about the entire business with hospitals … only people who were “legally” married could get any info on their spouses or even visit them in the hospital. So why aren’t you able to get any info on your hubby? Are the laws so different were you are living? I don’t mean to be ignorant … but obviously, I am ignorant of your laws.

    Even here, we have something called “HIPPA” laws & even though I am not married, I am put ANYONE at all on my HIPPA statement (in my case, it’s one of my sisters), who is able to get information from any & all of my doctors & any hospital that I happen to be in. This is important, in case I am unable to make decisions on my own & someone else needs to step in. So I am really curious as to why you, as a married woman, are being shut out of your husband’s health care at this critical time.

    I am not being critical of YOU. I am just confused & curious.

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    • I in no way took it as you being critical of me. And I’m as confused as you. Being in mental health inpatient ward is a lot different I guess. If he had an accident I would’ve been informed. He has told them not to give me any information (turns out he’s blocking everyone including his bestfriend from any contact). The most I get is them asking him if he wants visitors and them telling me no. So it’s the only way I know he’s in there. Here we have next of kin which is me legally but because of his privacy they say no. I meet him in therapy the mh team kbow who we both are they even sent us cards to congratulate us on marriage. So I’m looking at discussing it with old therapists to find out exactly what you’ve asked. No one can figure it out. I’ve told them time n time again I’ll back him without making the decisions. But will sign if he wants to leave but isn’t ready Jim confused n frustrated


    • I to have been in the same ward as him with same staff. I’d attempted twice. I’ve been more under control (I don’t know the right words) for 4 years. He n I were in therapy together for dbt that’s how we meet. Well done you 2004 that’s massive achievement 🙂


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