Yesterday I got a message from Hubby’s best mate who had reached out again he had no luck. But mate n I had a good conversation him n his wife are being so supportive. I told him I didn’t know what to do. His reply was we will keep trying. I feel lucky to have there support.

As you know I was heading to winz to sort finances yesterday broke my heart but they are going to push to get his sort to. The put me back on the sole parent benefit. Because of public holidays I had a long delay so they not only approved but said they had to back pay me $668 over night as well as early bene of $298. I was shocked I and grateful as I have been on mine money for so long all I could think was rent will be paid, power basics you know. Well the $298 went in but the rest didn’t. I rung them and someone stuffed up and put it in another account. I’m hoping they can fix it. Today being Friday and Monday Tuesday been public holidays if it doesn’t go in tonight then I won’t get it until next week. Plus my normal payments don’t start until the 10 Jan. Just frustrating.

I also deleted my husband’s number so I could give him space. How I don’t know but I did it. Tuesday when I tried to see him I text afterwards n decided I couldn’t text him until today 2 days later. Well I did it. Something so small. Of course I wanted to and it was hard but I was able to give him a few days space.

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