Dear husband

My dearest sailor. As I lay here knowing I cant say this to you right now and as crazy as I sound. I hope in some way you feel this.

I need to write to you and tell you about the things I remember. Well someone them because there’s so many memories. Yes we’ve had tough times, yes we annoy each, drive each other crazy. But tonight I want to tell you about things that mean so much. Maybe someday we’ll be able to experience it all.

– remember being on your boat and one day I told you I missed your chocolate brownies. You said when I see you I’ll make them again just for you with any topping i wanted and you did. 

– how sneaky you were at the start when I refused to let you contribute financially. One time you snuck $50 in to my pencil case for me to stumble across. Another time you went to the shop and paid for a pack of smokes and asked the owner to give them to me next time I came in.

– our first date were we drove the magic truck over heating got Georgie pie and coffee for dinner and went to see 50 shades of grey.

– before we had a car you use to meet me at the bus stop, with a cup of coffee, ciggy rolled and my favourite blanket so you could carry the food home and walk with me.

– how one night I feel asleep outside in the carport and you went and got me a blanket and kissed me. 

– when you brought me one of my treasured possessions different grade pencils as we walked side by side as I fought back tears.

– how you held my hand waiting for the specialist appointment while I was terrified 

-how your run me a bath, sometimes with a glass of wine. Another when you serenaded me while I giggled.

– how when I couldn’t move with my back you’d rub it until I felt better.

– one night I had a horrific nightmare I couldn’t wake up from but I heard you say baby your safe I’m hear while holding me so tight.

– when you told me one day you wanted to marry me and you’d already got my children’s and mums blessing. Proposing a few weeks later in front of them. Designing my engagement ring as a one of a kind with my favourite stone amethyst in a tear drop you said from tears to happiness (which I later figured out was your birthstone). When two days before our first anniversary proposed again on bended knee just us. When we married and again months later proposed to mW in the kitchen. How I said yes yes yes three times and married you.

Baby do you realise the good outweighs our hard times. That i Remember so much and treasure how you encouraged me, supported and loved me gave me so much that I grew.

Well my sailor I best attempt to sleep. Just know first your were my friend. As as I told you last week I love you at group 3+ years ago I love you now as my best friend and husband and I love you always

Love you alottle



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